A Price to Pay

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Good Morning lovely people. I am recovering from pneumonia due to a week long stay in Vegas where the smoke was apparently more than my immune system could take. My girls came up Friday so we could shop and dance, and I spent most of our time together sleeping. I love WPPI. The who's who of photography show up and teach and mingle and all of my mentors were in one place this year. Although they actually were not in one place, because I only caught up with 5 of them. The place is too big, and I truly got tired of walking from one end of the casino to the other several times a day. I was so excited to attend, and I paid extra for VIP parties and first admittance to talks, but expectations were not met. I just can't help building things up in my little imagination. Still had fun, still dressed up, still met awesome people. But the cost for spending a week in Las Vegas was my health.  Botanical gardenMirageBeautiful Foliage and

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Each lecture I attended, I met an artist, and 'expert', an artisan that has perfected their craft and enjoyed sharing their knowledge base with us. I also learned that I know things. Some of the points made I already figured out, I overcame, I re-evaluated and changed processes to become more efficient and start building a productive business. People will always accept things that you give away, but they won't appreciate or value them. I have learned that it is not always what you say, but how you present it. Customer service is everything, and the more I learn about that, the more I see it lacking in businesses around me. Upcoming projects; I am going to produce more video, so that you can see in motion what is captured and preserved. I am going to get a certificate in make-up application so that I can provide a service for clients that I have been having trouble providing in the past. Again, customer service skills being what they are, it is so difficult to find people that keep their commitments. High School Senior sessions will be my focus, even better when they want to highlight a sport or hobby. Goddess and coupling sessions are my jam. Love, love the connection between a couple, the confidence that grows in a woman that sees herself as more than a mother, sister, wife, friend, and schedule keeper. 



Everything we do has a cost. Making good decisions is crucial when balancing work, pleasure, and health. This blog is my way to share my journey and experiences, professionally, personally and spiritually. I invest in people as I strive to stop time and create the best of memories for them while I shine the light of Jesus for them in all I do. Besides my competency in art, light and creativity, it takes dedication, hard work and consistency to build trust and relationship. It is also important to prioritize tasks and set boundaries to finish projects, keep up with all things business and avoid burnout. Decisions I make affect my health too because I have a debilitating disease that can slow me down or stop me in my tracks without warning. it's even more essential to listen to my body and make choices that support my well-being. Choices are important in building and maintaining a good life. Choosing a job over church, friends over family, rest over a commitment, each come with a price or consequence. I have friends that used to worship with me, we would pray for one another, and they raised their children on Godly principals. Then, football games displaced a few Sundays, then camping and concerts and fandoms. Pretty soon, serving God became a thing of the past with no remorse. However, where God once resided, there is a residual desire, deep down that I know Jesus can and will reignite, for it is the will of our God that none should perish but that ALL should have everlasting life. So, be careful what you let trickle into your heart, mind and time, use your powers for good and make good choices.

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Daniel 12:3 prophesies about our future. “And they that are wise shall shine bright in the world and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars forever.” Those that are written in the book shall be glory bound. Those that are blotted out (once saved but fallen), shall be condemned.

Exodus 32:33 – Deut. 9:14 – Rev. 3:5 – Deut. 29:20.

How can we live in wisdom? The world has many resources to help you grow and learn, fight battles, and increase confidence and self-worth. The truth is that knowledge is good, but wisdom is best. God tells us, through His word, that if we need or want wisdom all we need to do is ask and He will give it to us without holding anything against us. We are His children, and He wants us happy, healthy and full of abilities because He intended to use us for His purposes and glory from the beginning of time. We are to be His light and salt in the world, but how are we to be so if we do not spend time in His presence or read and absorb His word, the bread of life?

Be blessed, grow good fruit, do not give up. Gail O.




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