Finding Balance

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Flamingo CopyFlamingo Copy Hello! I am still around and doing photography but it has been a while since I have had regular work. It seems that I am either over extended or siting on the back porch listening to crickets. I like regular, paced, and a schedule that I can rely on. Being self-employed makes it very difficult to do that, so I resign to slow days and periods of catching up. I am ready to get regular again. I have been on hiatus until September so that I can catch up work, but since August is slipping away, my schedule is filling up. VBS was a few weeks ago, and I did not have the time to process any photos of these beautiful, excited babies praying and worshipping, so I did not take any photos. Those that did, got precious images of children pouring their hearts out to Jesus. One of the reasons that I get behind is because I feel like I need to capture everything, for everybody but do not have the time, nor the inclination to process that many photos. I love to capture things. Animals, children, birds, and pretty much any moments that take your breath away is my jam. (Yes, I am that old).

I have thousands of images sitting in folders waiting for me to come back. So, I have had to shift from capturing everything, to capturing only what I can finish. I still get roped into doing favors at the last minute and then the weight is on me to process and deliver in a timely fashion. It doesn’t happen if I am working on previous projects. I believe my problem is underestimating the time involved. I am working on that by timing myself, editing without watching entertainment, and processing small bits every day. It is progress.

I have missed Prime Days and Christmas in July for marketing purposes. And marketing is how you find clients. Some days I am moving fast and furious, other days I can barely brush my teeth and comb my hair. I literally sit on a fence with the stress and pressure of trying to do it all and function like a 40-year-old on one side, and the reality of being of the age of retirement on the other. There are some specials on the horizon...stay tuned in.

Some days are good, I feel alert and strong. Those days are productive. Am working on following an immunosuppressant diet and the cravings are fading slowly. On the day that feeling good overrides cravings, I will win!


I need solid office hours. I need to stop running the house at the expense of business productivity. To help with my weaknesses, I am reading Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. I will read it again and again and take notes. He spent a lot of time with Jesus, knew the word and took a haggard ball team and under par facilities and turned everything around by using simple, high performing habits. The first thing I am going to follow is the ability to stop wasting time. Merging activities and goals, better planning and less time cleaning up after poor planning results. 

Fall is coming and with that are football, senior session planning and family sessions.

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Moments, memories and people should not be forgotten. I am blessed to be able to preserve time for you all and truly strive to do everything better. Till next time, I am yours, Gail O.

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