Mid Week

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Mid - Week

Disclaimer: This is NOT a religious blog. This is a place to explore the musings of a photographer that does everything (or attempts to) from a Christian perspective. “And whatever you do, do it full out for the Lord, not for (approval of) other people. Col. 3:23.

Every time I have sat down for the past 3 weeks, to update you, I get distracted, or busy editing. I have a squirrel problem.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexel

I have been outgrowing a habit of mourning the past, learning to live in the present and trust that my Heavenly Father will cover me and console me when needed. Where are you on this? Do you long for what felt like better days? Today I finally realized I mourn because it was a happy time in MY life. I miss the cuddles and hugs and jokes, all the little things that create great memories. But time moves on. People change their priorities, desires, the people they want to spend time with. Just like anger, wistful revisiting of the past seems to be born out of selfishness.


“Let your speech always be with grace, as though seasoned with salt, so that you will know how to answer every person.” Colassians 4:6. I went to Baltimore three weeks ago for a wedding on a yacht (more of that in a minute) and for three days I did fun things on very little sleep. As a sort of testimony flying there and home again, I wore a t-shirt that says “Ya’ll Just Need Jesus.” Mostly, I got stares, one or two comments, but no real interaction, which is OK. However, when you wear a shirt that tells people that you are different, you better be different. Speaking with grace is not easy when you are exhausted, and barely strong enough to walk on your own. Twice, while wearing that t-shirt, I got snarky and short with people, not representing the shirt, or Jesus well at all. And at that moment I realized that I acted like that most of the time not too long ago, using such excuses as tired or hungry or stress, which are not good excuses when representing a patient, loving God. Good lesson. I am sorry.

I have spent two weeks revamping this website, I hope you see a difference. It seems that for every item I fix, another error pops up. The goal is that you will be comfortable, find what you need easily and be informed when you find me on the great web to see what I do or what project is currently happening. I am not crazy about the connect with me page, because it is a pre-built, unfriendly template, but I did my best for now and will improve it later.

Pricing is a bear because you cannot please everybody. I want to be fair, but I would like to be able to pay my bills too. The need to see a price list is reasonable, however, my goal is that you are more interested in the quality of what I deliver more than a bottom line. For the month of August, I do have a special that for a limited time would cover any social media images, head shots, a short senior session, children’s milestones, cake smashes and couple portraits.

Three weeks ago, I was in Baltimore, Maryland. I love the east coast, so serene and Olde Americana. The people there are genuine and nice. I was there for a Jason Lanier workshop, ‘A Real Wedding workshop’ on a yacht. This was a great experience, and I will be posting photos several more times before I will feel done.  Once Jason posts his wedding images, I will be able to post images of the couple. For now, it will be images of the area. I got up early the wedding day because three of us went out and to capture the sunrise, the images need to be found. I believe I tucked the card away someplace safe; the location is yet to be discovered. I know where they are not. I wanted to shop downtown Annapolis, or go to the beach, but after breakfast, it was all about the nap and getting the gear ready to go. (Another reminder that the camera bag does not pack itself.)

I love church steeple crosses. I have so many saved in folders.

It was hot, and we talked about everything photographic and business minded.

Sony-mirrorless-camera. So light, such clarity, I am saving up!

My friend, Amy, from Kentucky.

Sunset on the water was unbelievable.

Miss Emily is a model/photographer, Jason Lanier's right hand, and administrative assistant. She is an amazing, beautiful, gracious young lady.

That's all for now. Stay-tuned.

Gail O.


Henry Muwayire(non-registered)
Thank you sister Gail for always delivering,Our Lord Jesus and our Father in heaven are proud of you so am i,may you continue to inspire others and keep them with hope may God Bless you and keep you well because you always do as HE asked as to do. We Love you so so much
Thank you very much ❤❤
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