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June 25, 2020  •  1 Comment

Many lives are an example of passive living, filled with a lot of disappointment, complaining and little action. This behavior is usually learned, and most people, though miserable, really don’t want to change their circumstance. Why? Because they are comfortable. Ex-cons go back to jail - because it is familiar and safe. Some victims, even though not necessarily safe, will stay with their abusers because it is what they know. Divorced couples repeatedly return to their rejected spouses. It’s human nature. It’s in the Bible with examples all around us.

I accepted Jesus at a church service when I was 14, but the way I lived never changed. I really did not know better. No one discipled me, exampled a Godly life to me, or explained that Christianity was more than “accepting Jesus as my Savior”. So, even though I was introduced to the gospel message, and the love of a Savior, I was the same girl I had always been. But God (love this phrase) never gave up on me. Even though the outside never changed, the Lord had a plan and kept me from the results of my decisions (mostly).

Everything we want in life comes with the steps to obtain it. We can say we want to be something like a rock star or dancer or even president, but unless we complete the proven steps to get there, nothing is going to change. We can say we want (accept) a husband or a friend into our life, but unless we become intimate, interested, and invest in them, it’s just another Thursday.

Jesus came, preached, performed miracles, died and resurrected to show us a “new way of life as a human”, as Tim Mackie has put it. Under the old way, we were selfish, judgmental, had a lot of rules, yet, could not please God. Under the new way Jesus created and exampled, the principle was more simple. Love God, deny yourself and love others. Bam! Don’t steal, don’t lie, don’t be an obnoxious lifeform. Help, do not hinder. We have a choice to live generous, kind, humble lives that do please God. Psalm 8:3-4 asks the question of the day: who are we that God would want to spend time with us, much less take us to heaven, with Him, forever? We aren’t even God’s real kids, unless you are Jewish, but that’s another subject for another day.

Without God, we are full of fear and anger, needy, not seeing anything wrong with our behavior or lifestyle. With God, through Jesus, we learn to want what He wants, love like He loves, and give like He gave. All of Himself for an outrageous, ungrateful people (sound familiar?).

We will worship actors, rock stars, and people of influence, while we ignore the one who actually created everything and has complete control over all the worlds and all they contain. Jeremiah 10:7 states that there is no leader, nor ruler, nor wise man that is like our God, and King of nations.

So, in conclusion, who do you follow? What do you want your life to look like? A good life won’t happen by accident, even though life feels, sometimes, like one accident after another. Spend some time with the one who created you and everything else in your world. If your life is fine, and you don’t go to church, pray, or spend time with the Lord, chances are that you have someone praying for you. Because life is created by and for the glory of God alone. Where is your path heading? How much effort are you contributing to the quality of your life? Are you just hoping everything works out in your favor?

Read this:

“Pay attention to my words, my son. Do not stop reading them, keep them in your heart. Because they are life and health to those that find them.” Proverbs 4:20-22 (paraphrased).



Kaydee Weber(non-registered)
You are such an inspiration to me! I love you and am soo happy to have you in my life. Miss you so much! I am glad it was laid on your heart to write this!✝️
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