The Pursuit of Peace

June 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Reading: Drawing Near (intimacy with God) by Jennifer Clarke, Business by Design (Applying Gods Wisdom for True Success) by Raymond Harris

Watching: The Lost Husband & Think Like a Dog (Josh Duhamel, sigh)

Each morning, after I walk with the dogs, drink the coffee, and listen to the devotion of the day, setting the tone for the day, then I shut them outside. Without the dogs wrestling on my feet, I sit down to study the word in peace. Quiet, and peace. Up until recently, there has been music blaring, or game show watching or movies in the background. Lately, I have been enjoying the silence. Quiet allows one to hear their own thoughts. Quiet allows us to hear from the Lord, too.

There seems to be so much chaos in the world today. So many groups with their own agendas, literally fighting to have their say. With so many divisions, there is much separation. Race, culture, belief systems, or just a restlessness that needs to be released or harnessed. Separation leads to isolation and fractured thinking. With unity, comes power, agreement and action. We became a nation by becoming united in action. Custer was defeated when Indian Nations united, despite their enmity. As God’s people pray and unify, there will be a turn in the atmosphere. In the middle of the storm, there is peace, when the Lord is present.

I discovered block scheduling that designates times and days for whatever your basic rules or tasks are. Grouping activities together, on certain days and times, gives a consistency that creates habits. There is a place for everything. Organization gives peace to your space. I also see where I waste time or what may not be working. I realized right away that there was no room for breakfast or exercising. Oops, not OK.

The goal is to always be ready instead of having to get ready in a stressful, rushed, overwhelmed way (chaos). The camera stays charged with a card ready, so I can grab and run when needed. ‘Do it now’ is also taking residence in my processes. Why come back to do something if you are right there and have two minutes.

Now, my house is not company ready. That will take some consistent doing. If I had friends that came over, or a social circle or any other reason to raise it to the top of my priority list, I would. It sparkles when I have a photo shoot in the studio, but there is stress that goes with that one until I catch up. Whatever time we don’t plan for, will be filled. Have you ever sat down for a minute, turned on the television, only to realize that hours have gone by? Ephesians 5:15-16 “Be watchful and discreet. Do not be foolish, but wise. Redeem the time because the days are evil.”

The morning for me is always walk, devotions, exercise. Psalm 119:148 “I am awake early so I may meditate on your promise.” Before the day gets busy and interruptions threaten schedules and peace. The rest of the day needs some honing. But it is progress, and the process is improving.

Do you study to be pleasing to the Lord, and think about who may need your help, who needs the love of a savior, and how to reflect the life of Jesus? I love the phrase “use your powers for good, not evil.” We have such potential within us to be unlocked by spiritual forces. And, honestly, which one we feed will be our driving force. Seek peace and pursue it.



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