Finding Balance

August 20, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

Flamingo CopyFlamingo Copy Hello! I am still around and doing photography but it has been a while since I have had regular work. It seems that I am either over extended or siting on the back porch listening to crickets. I like regular, paced, and a schedule that I can rely on. Being self-employed makes it very difficult to do that, so I resign to slow days and periods of catching up. I am ready to get regular again. I have been on hiatus until September so that I can catch up work, but since August is slipping away, my schedule is filling up. VBS was a few weeks ago, and I did not have the time to process any photos of these beautiful, excited babies praying and worshipping, so I did not take any photos. Those that did, got precious images of children pouring their hearts out to Jesus. One of the reasons that I get behind is because I feel like I need to capture everything, for everybody but do not have the time, nor the inclination to process that many photos. I love to capture things. Animals, children, birds, and pretty much any moments that take your breath away is my jam. (Yes, I am that old).

I have thousands of images sitting in folders waiting for me to come back. So, I have had to shift from capturing everything, to capturing only what I can finish. I still get roped into doing favors at the last minute and then the weight is on me to process and deliver in a timely fashion. It doesn’t happen if I am working on previous projects. I believe my problem is underestimating the time involved. I am working on that by timing myself, editing without watching entertainment, and processing small bits every day. It is progress.

I have missed Prime Days and Christmas in July for marketing purposes. And marketing is how you find clients. Some days I am moving fast and furious, other days I can barely brush my teeth and comb my hair. I literally sit on a fence with the stress and pressure of trying to do it all and function like a 40-year-old on one side, and the reality of being of the age of retirement on the other. There are some specials on the horizon...stay tuned in.

Some days are good, I feel alert and strong. Those days are productive. Am working on following an immunosuppressant diet and the cravings are fading slowly. On the day that feeling good overrides cravings, I will win!


I need solid office hours. I need to stop running the house at the expense of business productivity. To help with my weaknesses, I am reading Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success. I will read it again and again and take notes. He spent a lot of time with Jesus, knew the word and took a haggard ball team and under par facilities and turned everything around by using simple, high performing habits. The first thing I am going to follow is the ability to stop wasting time. Merging activities and goals, better planning and less time cleaning up after poor planning results. 

Fall is coming and with that are football, senior session planning and family sessions.

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Moments, memories and people should not be forgotten. I am blessed to be able to preserve time for you all and truly strive to do everything better. Till next time, I am yours, Gail O.

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These past few weeks have been nothing short of eye opening. All too often we look at our days and think to ourselves “I don't have enough hours in the day”, alternating with “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” The point being…we need to focus on how we spend the time we are given. Every minute, every hour, of every day. I have a habit of choosing comfort. If I am busy, or stressed, I will do the minimum and go to bed. Not good for personal relationships. Not good for business.


Recently, I have lost two friends. Close friends whom I love. But none of the false promises or hopes for later opportunities will bring them back. My friend Kim and I took road trips and had the best adventures until her husband put her to work. Then she was too tired, or I was too busy, to get together. I promised them that I would maker dinner for them this year so we could fellowship as couples. I have a folder of beautiful photos of her animals and our trips that she never saw. I wasted time. I need to change. Now, not tomorrow.


Here's what I have determined;

Make time for things you have promised.

Make time for people you love; they could disappear in an instant.

Enjoy the moments like sunrises and sunsets.

Lend a helping hand to someone and encourage them, making time for them.

Less social media and more social. Period.

Monitor TV time.

Do what you love.

Go on the cruise, start the business, visit people. Create what inspires you.

The dayThe day

There's time to teach, and lots of time to learn.
It will always fall on our shoulders to make the time for what matters.

At the end of the day, did you get it done? Will you regret not getting it done?

As for me, I still love to veg and relax in comfort, and avoid conflict. But I am purposing in my heart to get it done! Whatever IT is. Whoever is waiting on me to finish. Whoever is waiting on a word of love and encouragement. I cannot bring anyone back to life, but I can avoid future regrets.


How about you? Take the time, to make the time, for the things that matter most.

Sincerely yours in love,

Gail O


A Perfect Fit

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There is a glut of photographers all over the world these days. With the progress of technology and affordable digital cameras, people are advertising a variety of styles and abilities. Not everyone with a camera is a professional photographer. Here are a few helps for you to consider when you get to a place that has you looking for a photographer that meets your specific needs. What is the number one thing you look for when you're searching for the perfect photographer? Is it price, style, location, personality, or the ease of a clear process? If you've been looking for a maternity or newborn photographer you've probably realized that it can be a little overwhelming at times and I'm here to help you in your search with my 5 best tips on finding the best photographer for you! 

1. Take time to study the portfolio, or type of photos they have taken. If they are a little dark but you like very light, bright photos, you will not be happy after everything is done.


2. Make sure you understand the price and everything that is included. A $10 price tag may draw you in, but the packages for printed products or digital images may start out at $350 or more.

3. Find a photographer whose work you like and that fits within your budget by asking yourself a few questions. Why are you looking to hire a photographer? Is there an occasion coming up that you want to relive forever? Did you see an ad that got your interest? Do you value forever memories as much as you value other luxuries? I feel that capturing and archiving memories is necessary and have invested much money and time in capturing and preserving my memories. My perfect client is aligned with that thought process.

4. How do they deliver your images? It is very popular to ‘shoot and burn’ which is to take your pictures and deliver them digitally as a download or on a DVD or USB. Other photographers take time and expertise, style the shoot for the best memory possible, know posing and light and transform each image into beautiful works of art. If you are paying $100 for three hours of coverage and many images, there is a good chance that this particular photographer may not be running an official business. They may be making a little pocket money. Photographers starting out make under $3/hour by the time they cover expenses and their time. The time a photographer spends with you is a fraction of the time they spend getting ready for the shoot, editing and delivering a finished product to you.

5. Photographers are as different as other companies. Target, Walmart and Macy’s offer similar products but at different quality and price points. Red Lobster, McDonalds and other food sources also vary in quality and prices. It’s up to your preferences, budget and priorities what you will be satisfied with after everything is done. These are your forever memories, hopefully to create a timeline on your walls.


I hope these little tips help you with your search. If you'd like to talk more about hiring me as your personal family photographer, then shoot me a message! I have a few exciting ideas for the coming year and a flexible calendar because all of our time is valuable, and I work within your availability.



Hello There

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I haven't introduced myself on here for a while, so I thought I'd do that again. A big warm hello to all of you. My name is Gail Ostermeyer and I'm the artist behind Gail Lynn Photography.

Me & cameraMe & camera
When my children were younger (many years ago) I understood how important stopping time and saving memories was. I would shoot for me, but later formed a business and used my passion to photograph important moments through Family, Wedding and High School Senior Photography. Recently I fell in love with newborn photography, after I realized I am not built for wedding photography anymore. It is hard on a body, and mine is getting a little older every day. It is exciting to focus on babies and families and establishing another circle of loyal clients and friends.

In Home gearIn Home gear I spend most of my days balancing scheduling, shooting, and editing with three needy dogs, a disabled veteran hubby, our beautiful great-granddaughter and find it challenging, but fulfilling. For me, what I do is so much more than just a job, it's a way to meet and serve new moms and dads, and their families. My goal is to turn new clients into friends and faithful followers while capturing their forever memories. I get to hold, comfort and photograph sweet little babies, and toddlers and give a little encouragement to mom and dad if needed. 

Before I focused on photography, I was a high-risk OB nurse. There is nothing better than that new baby smell. Little humans are so different with their individual personalities, smiles, yawns and hiccups. This is a very special time to capture the moments and enjoy them. My education is ongoing as I strive to be a little better every time I set-up and shoot.

Super Quin 1Super Quin 1 We live in the west valley, almost to the California border, but I welcome the invitation to photograph your family wherever you may be here in Arizona. I'd love to get to know you a little better if you want to share a little about yourself in comments.



Why not Easy?

March 01, 2021  •  1 Comment

How is it March already?

As I crawled out of bed this morning to let Gunner out, I was thinking how nice life would be if it was easier. How nice to have people that we loved, love us back, and they wouldn't leave or reject us. For every ad I submit, hordes of people would fight over me because I am awesome. For each prayer we lifted up, they would come back to us multiplied, powerful and fulfilled. Imagine being able to feed the hungry children, house every stray, neglected animal, shelter for those fighting for our freedoms, and complete freedom for anyone taken into slavery! What a glorious world this would be.

Unfortunately, nature teaches us that there is a cycle, initiated from the beginning of time, that creates a strength, endurance, and goodness within us for the better good. Negative circumstances are necessary for this growth. Sigh.

Once there was a willow planted and well taken care of. It had its own water supply, food, the perfect amount of sunlight, and it grew tall and beautiful. One day, a heavy wind came through and blew against it and this beautiful tree was completely pulled out of the ground, roots and all. Not having to stretch the roots toward a water source, the root system became shallow and easily moved out of place. 

Trials and difficult times, although hard, wear us down and tempt us to give up. We need something to encourage and strengthen us. When we are younger, hopefully a loving parent, grandparent, or mentor is able to give us encouragement and hope to keep trying. As we get older, a spouse, best friend, pastor, sibling, or someone placed in our life will help us up and keep us going in the right direction. I have been so blessed to have good people placed in my life to hold my chin up, and tell me gently when my thinking is skewed, giving me an alternative way to see things or do something that I need to do. 

Most of all, I am so gloriously thankful that the Lord spoke my name, and I was able to hear Him through the noise. I have NO idea why He chose me. I am stubborn, a little negative, and (honestly) want to give up about every other day. But the right verses come when I need them. The right word is spoken when I need it. My spirit rises up in me and empowers me to become the warrior I need to be to face the demons, people and circumstances I need to. One of my favorite memory verses is Colossians 1:19 "For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven and that are in the earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones or dominions, or principalities or powers: all things were created by Him, FOR him." Like a tree, we need to dig deep to find our nutrition, our life source, so that we will grow, meet challenges with confidence and become great warriors that withstand pressure, opposition, and controversy. At the end of the battle is greatness, God's glory lifted up, and the best rest ever. 

I leave you with this word given to me this morning:

2 Timothy 2:3 "So, you, therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ." The battle is worth it. The prize is worth it. Jesus thought we were worth it. Now, that is something to think about. 

Yours until He comes,

Gail O.

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