Photography has the power to stop time.


When my children were little, I wanted to preserve every moment. Each new Easter outfit, T-ball game, birthday party, family life. As an RN, I found the work to be hard on my body and family life, so I bought a camera and decided to become a photographer. I picked up a camera to capture my growing family and learned as I went, loving capturing moments, events and priceless memories. I began on weddings, and through 20 years of learning, making mistakes, and figuring out what I really love to do, I have gradually moved to Family photography and all of those milestones, Boudoir and Couples and High School Seniors, especially sports. I really enjoy the dedication and fierce energy athletes bring to the field. 

I offer packages that cover time and expertise. Editing is a mixture of fine art and painterly. Collections are available for printed products, wall art, calendars and albums. If your memories are important enough to save, invest in a photographer that has an eye for detail, experience, patience and a flair for fun. Gail Lynn Photography will serve you well by creating stunning images that you will love for years to come.

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