Photography has the power to stop time.

Groom and me copyGroom and me copy

I got a late start on building a photography business. I was married at 18, raised a family, became a nurse, contracted Rheumatoid Arthritis and decided I needed to do something other than nursing for a living. My passion for capturing and saving precious moments in our lives led me to develop the business of saving memories for others too.

Utilizing my people skills and life experiences, I have met people that became clients, and built relationships that grew my business. Through workshops and conventions, I have grown the photography skills I need to keep up with current trends and meet the needs of my current and future clients.

Gail Lynn Photography centers around serving you. Everything I do is to ensure that you have the best photographic experience within my power. Whatever your photography needs, we will plan and design your session together. 

If you are looking for someone with an eye for detail, experience, patience and a flair for fun, then Gail Lynn Photography will serve you well. 

A Photographer's duties do not start and end with a click of the shutter. We are also your:


   Customer service representative

   Fashion Stylist

   On set director

   Film editor

   Set designer

   Print professional

   Graphic designer

   Music director